Simple Pure Beauty Base

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The Beauty Base is a comprehensive (searchable) database of 88 skincare oils & butters + their benefits & uses!

Everything you need to cut down your ingredient research, when creating DIY skincare recipes, from hours to merely minutes...

The Anti-aging Bundle Includes:

  • Find the perfect carrier oils and butters for your DIY beauty formulas in a matter of minutes.
  • Quickly find suitable substitutions for ingredients you don’t have when following other creator's formulas.
  • Create laser focused skincare formulations for specific needs with our advanced filtering/searching capabilities + tutorial videos

Get Access to 2 Unique Versions of the Beauty Base

1. Database View

This searchable, sortable database of carrier oils and butters is the hub of the beauty base. For these 88+ carrier oils and butters, you’ll be able to quickly filter and sort ingredients to find exactly what you’re looking for in, literally, minutes.

2. Snapshot View

Prefer a snapshot view of the carrier oils and butters? We’ve included a snapshot version as well. This version includes all 88+ ingredients, but it is laid out in cards so you can easily get a birds-eye view of the properties and benefits of all ingredients.

Free Bonuses:

You will also receive these awesome free bonuses with your purchase!

1. A-Z Guide To Carrier Oils & Butters PDF Download

This gorgeous 90+ page PDF eBook includes all of the information included in the Carrier Oils & Butters Beauty Base in a downloadable PDF version. Each beautifully designed pages contains everything you need to know about each carrier oil or butter. After reading this guide, you will be a carrier oils & butter expert!

2. Simple Pure Beauty Supplier List PDF Download

Once you’ve narrowed down the oils and butters you need for creating an amazing skincare recipe, where do you find the supplies? Well, that’s easy! Browse the Supplier List PDF to find a supplier who ships to your location. Our Supplier list is broken down by area for your convenience!

3. Video Training + Transcriptions

In our video tutorials, we take your hand and walk you through how to use the Carrier Oils & Butters Beauty Base. See examples of filtering and sorting the ingredients to find exactly what you need. After watching these short, concise tutorial videos, you will be ready to dive in!

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